Thursday, February 07, 2008

IF - blanket

A real quick and real late entry for Illustration Friday this week. I did this last night, but just got around to posting it is 11 pm on Thursday night! Anyway, this little girl is a rework of a stamp I designed for A Muse a couple of years ago. On the stamp design she is holding a present, so I did a little presto-chango and she's got her blankie. Added some quick textures that I used recently in my little red riding hood illo, because they were handy and worked great with the image. The stamp design is named Annabelle, after Linda's daughter, so in this illo, she is Annabelle, as well!


Vale said...

so sweet

Merce said...

Beautiful !!!! So sweet !!

andi butler said...

i love the delicate print in her nightgown, so sweet!

a ; )

Emila Yusof said...

This is adorable, Nina!

Anonymous said...

Please make this into a stamp NINA. I love her.

I have enjoyed reading your blog. You are so talented.