Thursday, June 26, 2014

Makes Me Happy - Nautical

Ahoy there, matey! This week's Makes Me Happy post is about all things Nautical. Looking at lovely nautical inspired art makes me want to put on a red and white striped shirt and go sail the ocean blue. I'm even sharing one of my designs this week - the anchors print in the top right is one of mine, licensed to Design Design for use on beverage napkins. Below are the links to the art you see here and to see more of my nautical loves, here's the link to my nautical Pinterest page.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Makes Me Happy - Gnomes!

What makes me happy this week? Gnomes! Who doesn't love a cute little gnome? I especially love the modern take on gnomes, seen in these uber cute gnome dolls from the Etsy shop, Warm Sugar. I also really like the little felt cone shaped gnomes from Etsy seller, Little Dear. Here are links to all the photos above or you can see all these, and some more, on my Gnomes Pinterest board, right here.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doodle Dreams Blog Tour

I few weeks ago, I was asked by my Facebook friend, Jenipher Lyn, to do a little something for her Doodle Dream Blog tour, to help promote her new book. I said YES right away, because Jenipher's book, "How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular SAVED My Life” is written for tween and teen girls who are struggling with issues such as body image, eating disorders and depression, to name a few. Jenipher is open, honest and encouraging as she relates some of her own struggles and how she overcame them. And, her book is filled with colorful, fun "doodles" and Jenipher's own quirky good handwriting.

This week, the Blog Tour's theme is Gratitude, for the last chapter in her book. Here's Jenipher's banner for this week (so CUTE!),

and here's my illustration for the theme.

The link to purchase the book directly from Jenipher is HERE or it is available on Amazon, too, right HERE.

Monday, June 09, 2014

makes me happy - succulents!

Working in the field of art licensing means that I need to keep a lot of the work I'm doing a secret, until it is licensed and out in the stores on products. That means a lot of time can go by, from the finished art and when I can share it. So, my little blog is often neglected because I can't really share what I want to share. Therefore, I decided to start a regular (hopefully, weekly) feature called Makes Me Happy, so I can post on a timely basis and also share things that I like and of course, things that make me happy. There will be posts about trending topics in the illustration and fashion worlds, posts showcasing other artists work that I admire, posts about color palettes that are swoon worthy and posts that are just fun, happy things.

With all the bad news in the world, sometimes you just need to take some time to focus on happy things and happy thoughts. I hope the things that make me happy will make your day a little bit happier, too!

My first Makes Me Happy post is all about Succulents! Here are some fun photos and illustrations of wonderfully, unique succulents. The links to these images are listed below and to see more succulent love, visit my Pinterest Succulent page.