Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back from FL

I just got back from a week in FL with my daughter, where we went to visit my brother and his wife and of course, go to Disney World! The trip started out pretty rocky (when I got really sick!) on the 2nd plane flight of our journey across country. We stopped to change planes in Detroit, where it was 11 degrees and snowy. They de-iced the plane while we sat in it on the tarmac. The fumes where extremely toxic and soon after that I begin to feel very sick to my stomach. We arrived in FL and I was sick for almost 3 days. It may have been a coincidence and I just had a stomach virus, but whatever the reason, I'm still not 100% well. The good news is I lost weight! However, I wouldn't recommend this type of weight loss program to anyone! Yuck!

After I recovered enough to get out and do some things, we had a good time. Disney World was amazing, even though I didn't go on any of the roller coaster type rides. My daughter went with my brother and they had a blast! We also enjoyed going to the beach, playing tennis and of course, every young girls passion - shopping!

We are glad to be home again, although 75 and sunny is a lot nicer than 45 and rainy. I would have loved to bring home some sunshine with those Mickey Mouse ears!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

another sneak peek!

Well, now that Valentine's Day is's time to change the window at the A Muse retail shop. Here's a sneak peek at the props. For a final picture of it, check out Linda's blog in the next few days. We chose Funny bunny for the main image in the window, because he's so , well, funny! It's going to be adorable! I made pink polka dotted clouds, (which don't show up too well in the photo) and we'll have easter grass, baskets and plastic eggs and of course all our fab sample cards and products in there as well.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

a new book!

I just received Claudine Hellmuth's collage book in the mail today! It's probably old news to many of you, but I only recently found out about her wonderful work when I was reading julirhrr's blog from the CHA show. I fell in love with Claudine's wonderful textures, color palettes and whimsical style. I really admire her line drawings over the patterns and textures. She makes it look so easy! The book is full of instructions on how to create a lot of the textures she uses and it's got TONS of examples of her work. It even has a list of the tools, paints, pens etc. that she uses. I can't wait to start incorporating some of her techniques into my own work. Who knows, I may even start making some scrapbook pages!