Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IF - satellite

A quick little illo for Illustration Friday this week

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Saturday, I took part in a Artist Throwdown Event, as a fundraiser for Art with Heart. Teams of artists came together to create art on the fly, then the pieces were auctioned off. My friend Doris organized our team and we created a mixed media collage with circles as the unifying element. We all just made a bunch of elements out of decorative papers and paint, then we worked as a team to put together a composition out of the elements. It was great to do something so loose and spontaneous.

Although the weather was less than stellar (I was wearing 3 layers), we had a fun time and better yet, it was for charity. Art with Heart is an organization that provides art therapy to disadvantaged and sick children. A worthy cause, indeed.

Here's the finished piece.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Here's my entry for Illustration Friday this week and it is also an entry for illustrator Kelly Light's Ripple Sketches blog. Have you heard about it yet? Kelly started the blog in response to the oil spill crisis in the Gulf Coast.

Ripple Sketches is a site where you can buy pieces of art by making a $10 donation to either the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies or the International Bird Rescue Research Center. It's really taking off, as of this post, she's raised over $1,500! I hope you will consider contributing and getting a small piece of art in the process.
Check it out! My two pieces, Whale Before and Whale After can be found right here. (they sold! thanks, Mohita! yay for Kelly!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

NEW illustrator group blog

I'm so pleased to announce that I'm part of a new illustrator blog group, called We Love to illustrate for Children! (the url is It's a group of six members and we all "met" online through Illustration Friday. We all love illustration and illustrating for children is our passion.

We just made our 1st post and in it we tell our readers a little bit about ourselves and share a photo. We had the option of a photo of ourselves as a kid or an adult, or we could do an illustration of ourselves, or we could do a combination of the two. I chose a photo of myself on my 2nd birthday and I added a bit of illustration elements to it. I ended up being the only one who used a kid photo, but that's OK. I really stand out anyway! (hee hee)

So, come and visit. There's some very talented ladies here, so it will be worth the trip. I feel honored to be in their company. We'll be posting lots of fun illos and projects, so stop by often.

Monday, June 07, 2010

IF - trail

A snail leaving a trail on a trail. What can I say, I took this one literally! I was going to have him singing Happy Trails and also being trailed by some other snails, but I think my point is made well enough in keeping it simple. I could have used this last week, too - for slither!

Have a great week, everyone!