Friday, October 22, 2010

picasso show at sam

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to play hooky from working and go see the Picasso retrospective at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). It was an extensive and enlightening show. To see his work evolve over the years and how it was influenced by what was happening in the world around him was fascinating. This piece, above, was one of my favorites in the show. Titled, The Shadow, it was painted in 1953 and is thought to be a self portrait.

Another favorite in the show was this one, titled Portrait of Dora Maar, painted in 1937. Dora Maar was his companion, lover and artistic muse. She was also a painter and a photographer and somewhat famous herself. He often painted her as sad and sometimes in tears, because of the tumultous emotional nature of their relationship. The guy was a real ladies man and had many lovers, wives, muses, etc. throughout his life.