Monday, October 04, 2010

IF - beneath

A quick little illo for Illustration Friday this week. I know, the Witch of the East actually had on the ruby slippers, when Dorothy's house fell on her. But, I didn't want to draw little slippers, I wanted to make witch boots with curly toes, so that's what I did.
What kind of a witch wears ruby slippers anyway? They wear little black boots, everyone knows that! 


Shirley said...

That's great, Nina! Love those curly toed boots..and the contrast with the linework of the house is perfect! Thanks for your kind words about my little vector buddies and means a lot! I think this piece would be awesome for your pingg offerings!!
Something like "Witch happens!" (ha, just kiddin'!)

inkspot said...

I love the witch boots with the curly toes!!

Brad said...

haha! good for you! this is a great entry for IF and pretty funny to boot! good to hear from you again :)

Mark Cavell said...

Loving the stripy tights (wish I’d thought of that) and the simplicity.

Great minds and all that, thanks for the comment.

froggie said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! perfect, nina! spot on for the word and a great composition! :)))