Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, I finally joined the millions (or is it billions?) of other people in the world and joined Facebook.  I think I might be one of the last people on earth to join. Why did it take so long? I thought it would be a time waster and I didn't want anything to distract me from doing what I really want to do and that's to create art and illustrations. But I finally came to the conclusion that I want to be relevant and being on Facebook is relevant. I also want to promote my art, and being on Facebook can help me do that. I also want to connect with friends and family and make new friends and connections.

So, come be my friend, write on my wall or comment on my status. You can even poke me! I'll see you there, on Facebook, along with everyone else in the world.

Me on Facebook!    


inkspot said...

Welcome to facebook!!! I am sure that you will enjoy it! Just double check your security settings in the account so you can keep what you want private private! But you will find loads of more friends out there!! :)

fhiona galloway said...

i just joined not long ago too :0)
I'll try and connect with you!

Tamara Henderson said...

Congratulations on joining Facebook! I'm still not Facebook yet...still thinking about it. Also thank for stopping by and leaving the nice comment on my blog! :)

Brad said...

nina i have been holding out on facebook too. i have been on the fence about it for the last couple months. i had the same reservations and reasons that you did. i would be interested to hear what your opinion is after joining....was it worth it?