Wednesday, March 31, 2010

an award!

I was recently given this beautiful Sunshine Award by Julissa and Shirley. Both of them bring a lot of sunshine in my world, too, so I was very honored. Thanks, girlfriends!

I'm supposed to send this award along to 12 other people, hoping they will link back to me in their post and send it along to 12 other bloggers who bring sunshine into their lives.
I know this is difficult when everyone is so busy and a lot of people have already received this or something like it. I was initially just going to say "Anyone reading this has now received this award", but I'm going to go ahead and give it out to 12 peeps and if you are too busy or you have already gotten one, no worries. It's all about saying, "you brighten my day, thanks!"


hapi-ness said...

oh how sweet of you nina ^_^ thank you! You brighten my day too ^_^ xxx

michael robertson said...

Nina, thanks so much-you're too kind! I'm very flattered and glad that you enjoy my work. You definitely brightened my day.

cheers! :)

froggie said...

awwww!!! ditto with mike and hapi! thank you SO much, nina! and right back at you. :))

and i LOVVVVVEE that new piece - the camping bear w/ the trailer! that's really really fun and shows off your very unique style!

penelope said...

I'm very honored and pleased that I'm a sunshine bringer! :) Thank you so very much! ~penelope

Amy C said...

awwww shucks Nina, I really am honored and touched, thank you thank you, right back at ya.

Julissa said...

You deserve it! Thanks for being around! Hugs :)

life without novacaine said...

Nina, Thanks so much for the Sunshine nod. I am so touched and honored you would think of me. Sorry I am so late in getting back to you... life has been getting in my way lately!