Monday, October 19, 2009

bee's knees

Yesterday, I was raking leaves in the front yard and a bee flew up my pant leg and stung me above the knee. Of course, I freaked out and went running in the house, tore off the jeans, cursing all the way. I cleaned the sting, put on some Neosporin, shook out the jeans and put them back on to go out and finish what I was doing. That little devil was still in the pants! More shaking and he was finally loose. Who knew raking leaves could be so dangerous!


thedoodlegirl said...

How horrible! One time I reached into a suitcase that I had come off of a plane with, and was stung by a hornet that had traveled in the suitcase! It was awful! I'm so sorry! I adore your cute illustration, though!! Be careful raking your leaves!

Amy C said...

ooooh ouch and ahh becuase this is such a cute piece and a lovely tribute to such an amazing little creature.

Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Such a cute illustration for such a painful experience! I got stung by "something" once as a kid (still don't know what, but my mom dug the stinger out of my side), and I had some kind of reaction/infection that went horribly wrong. For that, I don't trust bees and neither should you! :)