Wednesday, January 28, 2009

baby i'm back!

Wooo-hoooo! I'm back, baby! New computer, new printer/scanner, and a new updated copy of Creative suite. It feels good to be back - I missed you Photoshop and you, too Illustrator. Like old friends you haven't seen for awhile, they are the same, yet a little bit different. It's gonna to be a bit before I'm used to the changes, but I'm a happy camper, a decidedly poorer, but happy camper!
I learned a lot throughout this process - 64 versus 32 bit operating systems, formats of external hard drives (FAT32 vs.NTFS), compatibility of software and scanners, downloading new drivers, etc. So, if you are a PC user and are thinking about updating your computer, just ask me, I'll tell you all about how much fun you'll have!


Chickengirl said...

wheee! yay! Even the cat is happy!

Anonymous said...

What a funny illustration! Congrats on obtaining your new computer stuff.

Ann Marie said...

Hi Nina,

I have tagged you with a blog award! See the details on my blog.