Monday, January 19, 2009

adobeless in seattle

where have I been? you might have been wondering...

old computer=infected with a worm
had to get new computer=many challenging days of transfering programs and files
old copy of CS2=won't run on the new machine

If anyone out there has had a similar issue with Window Vista and CS2 and you were able to solve it, let me know! I've tried a lot of things already, like changing the compatibility mode so those programs would run on a different version of Windows, changing the User to Administrator, loading the program into a different program folder than the autorun asked for. Nothing has worked yet, but I'm really open to trying anything. Spending more $ on an upgrade is not want I want to do right now, but I've got to have my programs, so I can work! Help!


Anonymous said...

That is odd. I have Vista and CS3 and have no problems. If I can find anything I'll let you know.