Monday, August 11, 2008

IF - sail

I'm "recycling" an older image for this week's IF entry, for 2 reasons. (Don't ya love how you can use the word recycling to make posting an old image sound sorta cool?)

The first reason is that this illo is perfect for the theme. What says sail better than sailboats? Not exactly the most clever way to illustrate the word, I admit, but hey, they can't all be masterpieces!

The second reason is I have to , I mean HAVE TO! start working on my new holiday images for my greeting card line. Many of my customers start looking for their holiday cards in Sept. and here it is mid August and I've barely started on them! Yikes! Where does the time's just that the last thing on my mind when it's 80 degrees out is the Holiday season. Can ya blame me?


Nicky Linzey said...

Lovely illustration - great textures

Pickledog said...

I like the patterned sails! A wonderful, and calm sailing trip.

SENTA said...

I hear ya, I have a deadline for some scrapbooking stuff I'm working on and suddenly the deadline is next week! ARGHH!! I hate it when that happens...but I love the illo :)