Wednesday, August 20, 2008

IF - detach

A quickie for IF this week...I couldn't stay away, even though I should be working on my holiday designs! Let's just say I did this on "my break". Hee hee!

Poor little girl, her dolly's arm detached from it's body! When my daughter was little, it seemed like I was always finding arms and legs from dolls in weird places around the house. She had a Ken doll whose head was always coming off! And of course, it was always "mommmmyyy!" and I had to come put his head back on. Those were the days...pretty soon she's gonna have real live Ken's coming over!


sandymichelle said...

haha very funny! I'm dreading the real life ken's coming into my daughters life too! My husband might detatch a few limbs from them if they break her heart too, hehe. Good illustration, love it :)

Ellen Byrne said...

This is great! I love it!

Simone P. said...

I love this illustration...I remember my Barbie's....which I dearly love...the cheap ones that you got from K Mart legs and arms and head would come off all the time. I loved them just as much!