Thursday, October 11, 2007


My daughter made this sign for her bedroom door over the summer. It's the title from a song by The Weepies. She's a big fan of quotes, song titles and snippets that mean something to her life as a teenager.
I'm posting this today, because I had a episode of vertigo a few days ago. If you've never had vertigo, it is as if the world is spinning. Not only did I feel like the world was spinning, I couldn't see, I was shaking all over, I got really hot and felt like I was going to throw up. It lasted about 5 mins.
I'm not a doctor, but apparently, the virus from a recent cold decided to live in my eyes and ears. My research on vertigo came up with many causes, one of which was the common cold. Others include not drinking enough water, drinking too much caffeine and eating too many sweets! I think I've been guilty of all of those at one time!
On a more serious note, it can be a chronic condition for some people and boy, my heart goes out to them. It was not a fun experience. Happily, I only had the one episode, so the world spins madly on, just not in my head.