Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I just completed these 1st three pieces in a NEW series of artwork! They measure 18" W x 26" L. My original plan was to show them at the Sales Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum, where I show other work, but just as I was putting the finishing touches on the last piece, I got an email from the gallery, saying they will not be accepting any new art until the beginning of 2008! Drat!
So, I contacted my good friend, Doris, for a backup plan. She finds artists for a corporate office building here in the Seattle area and I can hang them there in late November. Other artists have sold pieces there, so there's still hope that they will find a good home. If not, I can take them to the gallery in Jan. Making art is kind of like having a litter of kittens, you want them to find a good home!