Thursday, October 04, 2007

the joys of home ownership

This is a mixed media painting I did a while back, called little pink houses. I'm posting it and lamenting about the joys of owning a home and the fun things we get to spend money on.

First, our kitchen sink water pressure was sooooo low, it barely came out at, a call to the plumber and that got fixed. Next, 2 of our window sills had rotted over time, so we had to have those replaced, because rain began to get in through the window! They had to take out the existing windows to do the repairs, so we decided to replace one of the windows, since it was fairly old and not energy efficient.

Two days ago the thermostat on the freezer part of our refrigerator started to go bad, so a call to Sears and we got that fixed today. Now, my vacuum cleaner is beginning to act strange! As I vacuum along, it all of the sudden gets too difficult to even push it, then suddenly zooms ahead real fast.

These are the many joys of owning a home and spending money on things that nobody notices, but I guess I wouldn't trade it for condo living, I do love my house. Here's hoping for a repair free winter!


Mac said...

That is a beautifully unique style. I really dig this one.

flora said...

Love the illustration! And congratulation on being a home owner! :) Something is always broken... isn't that exciting? But I am like you, will never go back to renting! :)