Tuesday, March 13, 2007

finally, something to share!

I'm back! Finally! I have 2 good reasons for not blogging lately. Well, I could probably come up with a lot more, but the 2 biggies are -
1. I was sick again! This time with a MEGA cold. The kind that hits hard, then lingers on and on. I'm finally back to almost normal. Yay! It's so hard to even think when you've got a cold like that.
2. I've been busy designing for A Muse, nothing I can share yet, so sorry. We are working on Holiday 2007 designs. Can you believe it? Didn't we just have the holidays? I think so. It's always so weird to work on holidays so far in advance. I worked in Display for a major dept. store for many years and I was always so sick of Christmas decorations by the time Christmas actually came. It was all I could do to put a wreath on the door!
Anyway, I did want to share my 1st attempt at trying some of the techniques in Claudine's Hellmuth's book that I posted about recently. I did this on a 16" x 20" canvas paper. I used one of her painting techniques where I put saran wrap over wet paint to create a fun background. I incorporated a lot of hand drawn elements in the piece as well as collaged fabric and papers. You probably can't read the text, because it's so small. It says "a little birdie told me to sing". Not bad for my 1st try at this kind of thing. I can't wait to have some time to try more.
Next up on my agenda...sadly, tax prep!


Michelle M White said...

I just LOVE this! AWESOME!!!

scoopy said...

Love the birdie of course! Was fun to see my Cinco De Mayo designs on the a-muse-letter this week - thanks for all you do!