Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back from FL

I just got back from a week in FL with my daughter, where we went to visit my brother and his wife and of course, go to Disney World! The trip started out pretty rocky (when I got really sick!) on the 2nd plane flight of our journey across country. We stopped to change planes in Detroit, where it was 11 degrees and snowy. They de-iced the plane while we sat in it on the tarmac. The fumes where extremely toxic and soon after that I begin to feel very sick to my stomach. We arrived in FL and I was sick for almost 3 days. It may have been a coincidence and I just had a stomach virus, but whatever the reason, I'm still not 100% well. The good news is I lost weight! However, I wouldn't recommend this type of weight loss program to anyone! Yuck!

After I recovered enough to get out and do some things, we had a good time. Disney World was amazing, even though I didn't go on any of the roller coaster type rides. My daughter went with my brother and they had a blast! We also enjoyed going to the beach, playing tennis and of course, every young girls passion - shopping!

We are glad to be home again, although 75 and sunny is a lot nicer than 45 and rainy. I would have loved to bring home some sunshine with those Mickey Mouse ears!


mj said...

Sorry to hear you were so sick ... glad the weather was great for ya here in FL though! That's so funny, I live in FL and my brother lives in Seattle. Maybe I should go visit him, but see the A Muse store (rather than Disney). Haa!
Love your window displays too! :)

nina seven said...

MJ -That is too funny! We would love to have you visit the A Muse store. Come in the summer when it is warm here and too hot there. Perfect! Thanks for the comment.

scoopy said...

Bummer to be sick on vacation - hope you are feeling better now!