Saturday, February 10, 2007

a new book!

I just received Claudine Hellmuth's collage book in the mail today! It's probably old news to many of you, but I only recently found out about her wonderful work when I was reading julirhrr's blog from the CHA show. I fell in love with Claudine's wonderful textures, color palettes and whimsical style. I really admire her line drawings over the patterns and textures. She makes it look so easy! The book is full of instructions on how to create a lot of the textures she uses and it's got TONS of examples of her work. It even has a list of the tools, paints, pens etc. that she uses. I can't wait to start incorporating some of her techniques into my own work. Who knows, I may even start making some scrapbook pages!


Michelle M White said...

Both of her books are AWESOME! We met her at CHA. She's soooo nice and talented!!!!

jenn said...

*love* this book, enjoy it nina :)