Monday, December 18, 2006

there really is a santa claus

OK. Im convinced! There really is a Santa Claus. I had another unexpected artwork sale! This one came through the SAM Gallery and a check just arrived in the mail. The SAM Gallery is part of the Seattle Art Museum. They show the work of local artists and artwork can be purchased or rented out. A lot of businesses and offices use the rental services so they can continuously change the look of their workplaces. Interior designers and house stagers use it a lot as well. This artwork that sold is primarily green and cherry red, perfect for the season!
Anyway, I'm thrilled and not just because of the money. It's more that someone wants to own something that I created. It's a very satisfying accomplishment and one that I worked hard for. When I first started seriously making art, entering shows and trying to get into galleries, it was a tough road, full of disappointments and rejections. So, when I have a sale, it's like proof that it was worth the effort to get to this point. I'm also very grateful to the people at the SAM gallery for believing in me. That is the true spirit of Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Well done nina! I like your art, just visited your site.


scoopy said...

Yay for you! Merry Christmas Nina!

Juliehrr said...

I am bouncin', Nina!!! Absolutely BOUNCIN'!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!! I'm so glad for you!!!

Blowin' ya' smooches from windy Whidbey Island!!!