Saturday, December 02, 2006

hitting the stores

Have you been to Target lately? Or as we like to say Tar-jay, to make it sound cooler to shop there. Any-hoo, they are always teaming up with talented designers to create affordable designs for the masses. This holiday season it's Tord Boontje, who is Dutch, but now lives and works in France. His design work is so contemporary, fresh and somewhat whimsical. Not only does he have products for sale in the housewares area, he designed the banners and other pieces that hang from the ceiling as Target's holiday decorations. There are cut out snowflakes, reindeers whose antlers turn into beautiful scrollwork, tree branches with birds in them and floral pieces. There's also a chandelier type piece that hangs form the ceiling. It's all so different from traditional holiday trim, I was quite taken with it. They have some fun commercials on TV right now that feature Tord and I read that he even designed the sets.