Monday, December 04, 2006

a lovely unexpected gift

I received an unexpected and delightful call the other day from someone who wanted to buy 2 pieces of my artwork! Years ago, and I'm talking years ago!, my friend Doris and I put some artwork into a local orthodontists office. She put her art in the main hallway near the lobby and I put a couple of pieces in a small kids play area off the lobby. At one time, I had done some art for kids rooms and even tried my hand at painting a few murals. I had a hard time finding the right place to market the kids art and the mural painting lost it's appeal after I did a couple. (They are a lot of work!)

Anyway, I had these pieces that I loved, but they didn't have a home. So, I thought, why not, I'll put them in the little kids area and maybe, who knows, someone will love them and want to own them. As I said, years went by and I didn't think of them much, except to think I probably ought to go and get them one day. Well, the orthodontists actually called me up and decided they loved them and wanted to keep them and could they mail me a check! How cool is that!

Attached are the 2 pieces. The Crooked Man and Simple Simon, both based on nursery rhymes and both done on wood panels. I used lots of collage materials-including maps, food packaging, fabric and kids artwork. I painted the rest with acrylic paints.


scoopy said...

So very cool that they sent ya a check! Love seeing your work and thanks for the nice words in the a-muse-letter!