Friday, November 24, 2006

a new venture!

I've teamed up with the great people of
(small potatoes urban delivery) to sell some of my greeting cards through their website. is a online company that sells organic produce and other groceries and delivers them to your home. They also sell other products like books, gifts, clothing, etc.(and now cards!)

Here is an excerpt from Spud's web site:

At SPUD, we believe that small is beautiful. When you buy from us, you make a difference to your local community and the environment with every purchase. We care about safe and sustainable food production systems. We believe that easy access to healthy and wholesome food, ethical products and a clean environment is a basic human right. We buy the best products for our customers, favoring those that are local, organic, wholesome, fairly traded and recycled.

I'm excited to be a small part of this environmentally conscious company. We're starting small to see how it goes, but regardless of the outcome, I'm glad I got to learn about the great things happening at Check it out!