Tuesday, November 07, 2006

me? a soccer mom?

Just a shout out to all you soccer moms out there. Although my daughter has been playing soccer for years and I've been driving her all over and going to every game, it didn't occur to me that I was a soccer mom until the other day, when I was in a Starbucks with my daughter before a game. She was, of course, in her uniform, and the barista commented that there had been so many soccer moms in that day. I looked around the room and realized he was talking to me! But, but, I don't live in suburbia and I don't drive a mini van!!! You can't mean me! But, as another mom commented when I told her this story, "You're just now figuring this out? You are a soccer mom." And after 3 games over the weekend and another one today...all in the POURING RAIN!, it is officially true.


paige said...

Funny how these things sneak up on us, isn't it??!

So glad that Julie tipped us off about your blog... My parents were in the A Muse store a couple of months ago, and they met you... it was a (near) brush with greatness -- my parents meeting you and Linda and the gang.

Thanks for all you do to inspire others, and your work is fab fab fab!

Have a great week, soccer mom!

Margot said...

Yeah, none of us really want to be labeled a soccer mom but meeting the criteria is actually a good thing (would you really give them up--for more than a day anyway) and a fact of life. If we didn't want the job we shouldn't have "signed up". Smiles!

nina seven said...

Paige -

I remember meeting your mom and dad. Very nice people, we had a nice chat. Brush with greatness? That's funny.

Margot -

You are so right! I actually love being a soccer mom!