Monday, January 28, 2013

Fabuloos Dreams

Over the past several years I've had the opportunity to illustrate several children's books for a wonderful company based out of Madrid, called Fabuloos Dreams. These books are unique because they are personalized to the child that will receive the book. Not only is the child's name on the title and each spread of the book, their beautiful litttle face is inserted into the story, so they become the main character of their very own story.

I've haven't said a lot about the books here or on Facebook, because the website was only available in Spanish. Now, I'm happy to say, the website has been updated and now comes in an English, as well as Spanish, version. It's a wonderfully designed site, with lots of super cute details.

The books are beautifully made, colorful and fun. The newest one that I illustrated is called The Pirate Captain, for the boy's version and The Pirate Princess, for the girls version.

I also illustrated The Red Ballon, which is available in both boy's and girls versions.


genie espinosa said...

oh Nina! those are so funny and CUTE!!! love them!!!

Julissa Mora said...

Hey Nina! Thanks for stopping by my blog, much appreciated ;) I just love this book collection. It's so different and fun and you're right they have the most adorable website. Way to go!