Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello all my blog buddies, I'm still here, just been super busy! Thought I'd pop in real quick and show some more animals in my alphabet. I actually did these a couple of weeks ago and just found a minute to put them on the 'ole blog. Some of the letters of the alpha are a bit of a challenge - not quite so much fun as others. Newt was one of those for me. I was going for a cute newt, but didn't want it to look too cartoonish. I hope I did that. The quail was fun, though, with his funky head plume.

I've been spending a lot of time fulfilling my duties as the Arts Coordinator for my daughter's High School this week and I'm working on a series of mixed media paintings for the gallery I show at.

I miss you, Adobe Illustrator, but I'll be back soon. I promise.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Wow I love them Nina!!! Specially the color scheme, is fantastic! :o)

Tamara Henderson said...

You did a wonderful job and I love the colors!

Kelly Medina said...

Great job, Nina! I love the colors, details, patterns, adorableness and definitely didn't turn out too cartoony at all.

Have a great weekend :)

Jill Grace said...

OMG!!! I love newts :) I saw the cutest one in a redwood forest. I love him!

lauren carney said...

hey meowsy,
pretty fancy blog you've got a-going-on in here!
keep up the top notch work you top notch blogger!
x x x

Julissa said...

Great Newt nina! Wow, you're getting so close to the end! Good for you. :) Glad to hear about all of your side projects too. It's good to get away from the 'ole computer every now and then and get your paints out. :)

bee said...

Nina - that Newt is gorgeous!! Your alphabet animals are coming along really nicely - you should be so proud! :D