Thursday, July 02, 2009

only in the midwest - part one

Whenever I go back to the Midwest to visit family, I always see and hear weird and wacky things to "make fun of." Now, I'm not really making fun of the people that are from the Midwest, I was born and raised there, so it would be like making fun of myself, which is OK to do, right?
This is all just good natured fun.

The 1st thing weird and wacky thing is the "craze" that is sweeping every backyard cookout in the Midwest. And guess what it's called - corn hole. I kid you not. There is even a website. It's basically a bean bag toss game, you play on teams and there's some goofy scoring system that I never did understand. My nephews crushed my daughter and I so badly the 1st time we played, it was the last time I played! I wanted to win, damn it!

I kept asking - "Why is this called corn hole?, it's bean bags!" Finally, my niece looked it up on Wikipedia and it turns out it was originally played with corn in the bags instead of beans, hence the name corn hole. Put the corn in the hole.

Yep, only in the Midwest. Stayed tuned for Part 2 of weird and wacky things from the Midwest - coming soon.


scoopy (Emily) said...

You know, I noticed people playing that at the OSU football game last year when we were in Ohio. Theirs were painted as the mascot and team colors but I didn't think much of it... Just thought it was something new to pass the time during tailgate parties. But it's funny to see that it's a bigger trend than that! Thanks for sharing!

Novell said...

I only recently heard of corn hole, too. What a weird name for a game....even now that you've shared its origin.