Thursday, July 09, 2009

crazy little thing called love

I fell in love at 1st sight on Tuesday. I was driving past our local cat adoption clinic, PAWS, and glanced over to see this little cutie playing in the window and fell head over heels. I drove home and told my husband and he actually said "go get her". Of course, I wasn't going to put up a fight of any kind and jumped back in my car and drove back up there and adopted her. Kitties go fast there, so I'm so glad I didn't hesitate. She is a bundle of joy. We named her Zoe. Or maybe we will spell it Zoey, not sure yet.
The only drawback to an otherwise lovely addition to our family, is my other cat Scout and his obvious dislike to the situation. I've never seen him make such a mean and scary face as he did the 1st night we got her. Yikes! We have been keeping her separated in one room for now, letting him in for 5 mins at a time everyday. Hopefully, it will slowly get better and he will get used to her soon.


Dawn said...

What an adorable kitten! I can see why you couldn't pass her up.

Anonymous said...

Aww, she's a cutie! Congrats on the adoption, Nina!