Monday, December 29, 2008

IF - clandestine

"Timmy's late night clandestine meeting with the cookies in the cookie jar turned into a disaster-in-the-making when the chair began to slip out from under him!"
This illo was inspired by a book I got for Christmas, called the Magic Pencil. It's a series of interviews with British illustrators, where they talk about their backgrounds and methods of working. One of my favorite illustrators, Sara Fanelli, is one of the illustrators. Did you know she doesn't use a computer in her work? It's so flawless, I just assumed she did, but I guessed wrong, she's just incredibly talented!
Even though I truly admire her work, she wasn't the one that inspired was the work of Lauren Child. I'm sure you have all see her work around, she's quite popular. I tried to be loose and spontaneous, like her illos are, but I couldn't quite get there, I'm think I'm too much of a neat freak and like clean lines, but I did use some real life objects, combined with drawings and patterns, which is what her work is mostly about.
All in all, it was a fun exercise. I like trying new things every once in a while, you never know where it will lead. Maybe nowhere, but maybe to something extraordinary.


tp said...

Ohno! poor Timmy!

nice work!

helen said...

A lovely illustration and original idea


Great story telling. I love that dog- too cool. Nice illo!

Ginger*:)* said...

Your illustration is so charming and reminds me so much of the days of my youngsters.... the cookie jar was always out of reach...but somehow it constantly got emptied.

As a NH resident who recently got power back after 9 days I can understand why you are not delighted with the latest weather in Seattle. >All good wishes for a safe and healthy New Year.

Chickengirl said...

its wonderful to try new things..this looks lovely! Happy holidays!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, that's so COOL! I love the mixture of lines and color and photo. It's fantastic!

Kids. They have just the right mixture of craziness and fearlessness that makes my heart stop.

Simone P. said...

How cute! Love the illustration!