Tuesday, June 17, 2008

something to blog about

Whooo-hooo! She did it! My daughter, Nikki, graduated from 8th grade last night! I don't remember it being a big deal when I left junior high (as it was called back then), but it's a big deal at her school and of course, a big deal to her. As you can see by the top photo, she got the dress and the heels and looked way beyond her 14 years. Oh boy...we are in for a bumpy ride these next 4 years of High school, my friends. Hearts will be breaking all over this city, I'm afraid.

The 2nd photo is Nikki and her friend Iris, giving their presentation and introducing the slideshow that they helped put together. She spoke loud and clear and wasn't nervous, so that was a good thing. It takes guts to get up in front of people and I was really proud of her.

It was so funny to see the girls in their fun dresses and high heels and the boys in their ill fitting suits or plain old jeans. I can just hear them "I'm not getting dressed up for this!"

So here she goes, off to more adventures in High school. A new place, new classes, new friends and some old friends. We say good-bye to Salmon Bay school today with a bit of sadness (she's been there since Kindergarten) but we look forward to a bright future, knowing that it gave her a good start.


Linda said...

Wow! Nikki graduating from Grade 8?! How did THAT Happen?!!

She looks so beautiful all dressed up. And, she is a born presenter... look how comfortable she looks on stage!

Congrats, Nikki!!!

Anonymous said...

better keep her under wraps - what a cutie.... and a very exciting time Enjoy !!!