Sunday, June 22, 2008

off to the homeland

No time for Illustration Friday this week...darn, it was a good one, too! The topic is "hoard". I can think of lots of fun things to do with that, but oh well, I'm off to the "Crossroads of America"! (What does that mean exactly?!!!) It's kinda like "Hoosiers", everyone always asked me what that means, when they hear I'm originally from Indiana. I don't think anyone even really knows what it means, something about some ole' geezer yelling out "Who's there?" and it sounded like "Hoosier". Must have made sense to somebody at that time, but it sure sounds pretty lame today.

Indiana is a lot different than Seattle in many ways, but we always have fun doing small town things and hanging with family. We like to do things like Putt-Putt golf, bowling (neon glow night is the best, when they do karaoke), go-kart racing, drive-in movies and of course going out for ice cream! There are some awesome ice cream places there!

so, later, gators...I'll see you in July!


kim said...

See you in good ol Indiana... from the southwest side of Indy. Kim