Sunday, December 16, 2007

the end

The long road to the championship game finally came to an end on Saturday with a defeat. The mighty Lasers couldn't score against the dreaded Blasters. (yes, they had to play them again! It was a double elimination tornament and they came back to do it all over again!) The end score - 2-0! The girls took it pretty well - after all, 2nd place is not too shabby. It was the farthest they had ever made it, so I think even though it would have been great to win, they felt satisfied with what they accomplished. It was really, really cold on Sat. and I think everyone was just ready to call it quits for the year. No one should be playing soccer in Dec.! Unless of course you live in a warm climate. The top photo is Nikki getting her 2nd place patch. The bottom photo shows the girls being presented at the beginning of the game. See the "war" paint they put on! I guess it didn't scare the opponents as much as they hoped!