Sunday, November 25, 2007

love this site!

I love, love, love this site 3191, a year of mornings! It's a collaboration between Stephanie Barnes and Maria Vettese. Stephanie lives in Portland, Oregon and Maria in Portland, Maine. They live 3191 miles apart and each morning they each take a photograph. Stephanie sends hers to Maria and Maria makes a diptych of the two photos and posts them on their site. Nothing is planned ahead, except that they will each take a photo of something in their world each weekday. The colloboration is almost always visually stunning and completely unique. The images are so fresh and crisp!
They have been doing this since January and plan to do it through until the end of the year, which is almost over! I wish I would have found out about this site earlier to follow along each morning. I hope they plan to do a year of afternoons in 2008!


Kate said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love this idea.