Sunday, November 11, 2007

IF - scale

Going to school with scales on my arms

The summer right before I entered fifth grade, I contracted a case of ringworm from our family dog. My arms were covered with really gross ring shaped scales that were red and blistery. The entire first week of school I wore long sleeves, even though it was still 80 degrees outside! This was, of course, one of the most horrifying and embarrassing events of my grade school life and a memory I will never forget. So, when I saw the word of the week was 'scale' over at IF, I had to try to capture my experience.
I was going for a look of horror and embarassment on her face...I'm working on trying to capture emotions better with my people. What do you think, does this work? What could I have done better? Any tips would be greatly appreciated from all you wonderful illustrators out there.


claudine hellmuth said...

love love love your work!! so fresh and fun!

Emila Yusof said...

Love this! Enjoy reading your post too! I love the colors you use, great combinations!

RyanLoghry said...

I like this piece. Great color scheme, it seems to suggest a memory.

As for the expression, I would try moving the eyebrows, so they are more to the sides of the eyes, like this:

Agony, and angst, it's in the eyes.

Another idea that helps with drawing expressions is to get a small mirror that you can keep on your desk, or where ever you draw. Make a face, and draw it.

And keep up the great work.

flora said...

If I would change one thing that might be the eyebrows... maybe they could be more frowning? Other then that I think it's perfect already! Love the colors and the background... You have a very fresh style! :)

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Nice illustration! Love the "learn to write" lined paper in the background! Fun stuff.

Ron Southern said...

Oog...I never had them, but expression looks right to me!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh this is a great illo. What a story... poor you :o(
I think the expression looks fine, she does look worried and scared at the same time. Your style is very clean and airy I like it the way it is.. Love all the images happening behind and the paper is a great touch :o)

Christine Clemmensen said...

This is great. So funny. I really like your style:)

Christine Clemmensen said...

Uhgh-- sorry, Nina, I read your text after I posted my comment. Not so funny for you, with the ring worm and following embarrasment.
I saw the illo, thought the school girl had grown dragon scales over night, and found that rather amusing... Lesson learned: read first-act later;)