Tuesday, August 07, 2007

IF - missing

My IF entry for this week with the theme - missing. Poor bear with his missing eye and arm. And poor chair - he's only got two legs! Not my best work, but I'm learning how to add textures in Photoshop. Check out the wood grain floor and chair and the groovy wall texture! This was a trial piece and I made my share of mistakes, but I'm getting there! I wanted to have a whole assortment of things with missing parts, but I just don't have time...where are the lazy days of summer, anyway?


Irma said...

Oh my this is so sweet and sad! Poor little teddy bear. Give him to me! I'll fix him up and love him! :) Great illo!

Sparkyfirepants said...

This is great. The chair reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. :)