Saturday, August 18, 2007

another sneek peek!

I thought I would share another NEW holiday image from my greeting card line. Some of you might recognize some of these elements from the previous IF challenge - polar. I loved the polar bear with his fun scarf so much, I had to use him in a card design, too! I'm hoping to get the new images on to my website soon, but Jenny, my site updater, is MIA. Jenny...where are you? I need my site updated!
I wish I could just do this kind of thing myself! I know I could, if someone would just show me how. The easy way! I tried to take a class on website designing, but as soon as the instructor began to speak...MEGO! (my eyes glazed over) It was beyond what I needed to know, or cared to know. I followed along the best I could, then promptly forgot most of it.


Juliehrr said...

Polar Bear is indeed so fun and cute--I love his scarf, too, Nina! I love him balancing the java atop his nose! TOO FUN!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Wonderful! Very joyous.