Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello friends! I have some exciting news that I've been waiting ages to share. I have some designs that are on products currently on sale at Target! Yes! Me, in Target! One of my dreams, when I first started out in art licensing, was to have some designs in Target and it came true. (Thank you, Mary Beth!)

This photo shows 2 of the gift wrap patterns that are in the collection. There is also one more gift wrap pattern, gift bags, a gift box and some fun package embellishments. I'll have more pictures soon of the entire wall, but for now I just took this photo of the wrap that I bought when I was in the store the other day. The camera in my phone isn't working, so I'll have to go back and get a total picture some other day.

These items are located in the greeting cards and gift wrap section of the store, because they are considered more for everyday packaging, rather than being in the full blown Christmas wrap area.

More to come! I just had to share what I have now because it's so exciting to me!


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Congratulations!! I would be squealing in the aisle at Target. So happy for you!

Michellem said...

Wow!! Look what all your hard work and persistence did - it paid off!! Congrats to you!!

scoopy (Emily) said...

Yay Nina! How cool is that? I was at Target and picked up some of the wrapping paper yesterday.

Tamara Henderson said...

Wow beautiful work!