Friday, July 09, 2010

a litle trip

We took a little trip and headed over to Sequim (pronounced Squim) for a few days. It's about 2 hrs from Seattle, when you combine the driving and ferry riding times together. It's on the Olympic Peninsula, which is an amazingly beautiful place.

I love Sequim's Welcome sign.

They have a lot of lavender farms in the area and they were in full bloom when we were there.

We went hiking on the Dungeness Spit. The sun was out and the water actually looked almost turquoise.


bee said...

Gorgeous! You are right about that welcome sign - how cool is that?!

winamp said...

wonderful journey ^^!

Foxinsoxx said...

Wow Lavender farms must smell amazing, and look really pretty too.

Julissa said...

Looks like a beautiful trip! I love the lavender field....wish I lived near it so my house would smell like that 24/7 hee hee :)