Wednesday, May 07, 2008

fun art

More 16" x 20" collages to sell at Paper Tales in San Diego. I'm calling these smaller pieces that I'm doing "fun art", because they are fun to make, they are smaller than my usual work that I do for the gallery so they don't take so long to create, and the subject matter and styling of them is just more fun.
They are a little bit too big to fit on my scanner, so I had to take photos of them to share with these aren't the best images, but since they are fun art and not so serious, it doesn't really matter!
These were all done on canvas paper with decorative papers, acrylic paint and PITT drawing pens. The last one is a mini version of the last large piece I did. I had so many wonderful comments about it, I thought it was worth exploring this look a little more.


scoopy (Emily) said...

Love these Nina - especially the last one with the leaves! I loved the earlier big version you posted of it too. Can't wait to see them in person at Paper Tales!

sooziebee said...

Hi there

I have just discovered your beautiful blog thru and just wanted to stop by and say i think your work is wonderful. Will stop my again!
Kind regards

Blanquita de los Bosques said...

I do love your work!!!! its fantastic.

life without novacaine said...

Ooooo, I live in San Diego. I'll have to go check out your work in person!

Tami said...

Your work is so awesome.

Diane said...

Hi Nina - I'm a friend of Michelle's and working with her at Paper Tales. I bought the house collage you sent with your first set of collages - actually it was more like grabbing it from her hands saying that I had to have it!
The new ones you're sending are really cute too.

I love your work, the store logo is great. You'll have to visit the store someday! Diane

Xavier Salomó said...

Many happiness!
I love the textures, the line and the delicacy, the subtlety... I feel very next to this type of sensitivity. Happiness!

anewme4life said...

I love how you make this fun art look so professional!! The background colors are lovely and the work has a definite folk art feel. Good job!!